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Welcome to Crystal Docs File Portal


The remarkably simple way to manage your Project, from Sherrill Solutions. Ideal for any company managing any size of project. 

Project Management requires an organisational structure, and a plan. But above all, that the data is always current,  it never gets lost,  and it is always accessible. 

This is the secret of good and seemless project management.

CrystalDocs is a series of "folders"  that you create for each project - where you save all your current files, documents,  drawings, in fact any information that you need - for that particular project.  Anybody who needs access to any information - simply logs on and has access to the current file - every time.

No more wondering - where is the current information, or saving it to the wrong place, or making sure the right people can always be involved.   

And because CrystalDocs is web based, there is no software to install for each user. Users can log on whenever they need access.

All you do is order online or talk to our local Partners. CrystalDocs costs a simple Annual Licence Fee - and a Fee per project, related to numbers of Users.